Tube & Wire Processing Machines

Wire Bending, Tube Bending or Tube Forming? We have the machine to meet your specific needs. Don’t get tied up in knots, talk to Benson Machines.

The French Numailliance Group has a comprehensive range of technologies for the cold processing of Wire, Tube and Flatstock. Here is a selection of solutions from single piece through to high-volume production;

If you need high volume production of Ø3~16mm bent wire or tube from coil, the FTX Series is for you

These tube rolling machines are able to roll threads and forms onto tubes. They are suitable for short run or mass-production.

Since 1950, Pedrazzoli has developed state of the art pipe & tube bending and cutting machines, famous for their reliability, accuracy and durability

In 20 years, Han Jie has come a long way. Firstly, with simple, robust and reliable NC machines to now, with its policy of continuous improvement, leading Taiwan in tube-bending technology.