Centerless Grinding Machines

Centerless Grinding is at the heart of many manufacturing processes. Benson Machines’ unmatched experience can help take the mystery out of this process for you. We have solutions for all your Centerless Grinding requirements.

“Pursuit of True Roundness” is the objective driving Micron’s efforts in manufacturing Centerless Grinders. Micron’s line up of over 30 different models and over 5,000 machines installed globally enable us to meet the wide ranging demands of centerless grinding. Micron is No. 1 in innovation.

Centerless Grinder with 700mm wide wheel for heavy work such as Crankshaft Journal grinding

The MQS-450 Quick Step Centerless Grinder has a world patent for twin grinding wheels enabling fast set-up changes for families of multi-diameter work.

  • Every type of component, accessory or tool for Centerless grinders up to 60 years old.
  • Completely rebuilt for retrofitted machines
  • Turnkey solutions run-off to meet Statistical Process Control (SPC) requirements.