Gear Manufacturing Machines

Together with our partner, Gleason, we have gear manufacture covered; Design – Make - Measure. The software, the machines, the Tooling, Fixturing and the Measurement. Benson and Gleason, trusted names when it comes to gears.

The Future has been Gleason’s destination for over 150 years. Founded in 1865 by William Gleason, the company has evolved into the largest gear production systems provider, worldwide. Gleason supplies TOTAL GEAR SOLUTIONS and lead in the development and manufacture of equipment for the production of all types of gears;

• Gear and transmission design software • Machines
• Workholding • Tools • Automation • Metrology

Gleason’s Gear Hobbing and Grinding Machine range for Cylindrical Gears covers diameters from 10mm to 10,000mm!

World leading technologies for the measurement of Cylindrical, Spiral Bevel and Special Gears.

Wherever you are, these Glasses are just part of a suite of technologies that enable Gleason to be with you, and give you support which is second to none.

Innovative workholding solutions, even for the most difficult applications. Quick-change technology is adopted whenever possible.

Full range of cutting tools and consumables for all gear manufacturing processes