Coolant Filtration

Magnetic Separators and Paper bed filters

Filtration quality depends on the mesh of the paper used. Can be combined with a magnetic separator as shown here. From 20-1000 litres/minute.
Super-magnetic type has 8 times normal magnetic force.

Drum-type Scraper Separators
Main applications are for Aluminium and non-ferrous compounds where machining surface-finish is important. Can be combined with Hydrocyclones (shown here) which are suitable for all types of materials (Magnetic or Not) from 40 litres/minute up. Features low maintenance and no regular consumables.

are used when cleanliness of neat-oils is essential for precision machining and grinding. Units are available for flow rates of 50-150 litres/minute.

Chip conveyors
Can be custom made to suit a particular machine. Many types of transport system are available to suit the different types of material and swarf form.

Temperature Controllers
As tolerances tighten, temperature control of machines is becoming more and more important. We can supply controllers for every fluid on every manufacturing machine.