Honing & Polishing Machines

We understand the issues associated with these challenging processes. Whether it’s maximum stock removal or the highest accuracy; Talk to us; We give you choices so that you know that you have the best solution for your unique needs.

With a pedigree that reaches right back to the invention of modern honing, Ohio Tool Works produce a full range of Horizontal and Vertical Honing Machines with tooling and stones which also suit all major competitors. OTW have pioneered many improvements for machines, tooling and stones.

Machines with capacity over 1,000mm diameter x 7,000mm length easily store all the honing parameters in the CNC, to turn this “Black art” into a science.

Since 1961, Spain’s AutoPulit has been specializing in the manufacture of automatic and CNC machines for sanding and polishing metals. AutoPulit has the trust of clients in 50 countries. Their incomparable range of machines covers the needs of many industries such as Automotive, Aerospace, Sheet Metal and Tube Bending.

Nissin have been making precision machinery such as engine rocker-arms and sewing machine parts for more than half a century. Nissin’s experience as a user led them to produce ultra-precision (sub-micron) honing solutions for small diameters. They have a modular flexibility to expand capacity and automation as needed.