A clean working environment is now mandatory under legislation, to protect you and your team from dangerous oil mist. WorkCover has stipulated that air inhaled at work should not contain chemical agents at concentrations that affect your health, safety or wellbeing.

  • Primary concern is the retention of oil particles between 0.3 and 3.5 microns. Above 3.5 microns,the body tends to block those anyway.
  • Slippery floors, caused by oil deposits can cause accidents
  • The oil coating on the fabric of a building and on equipment creates a natural fire path
  • Oil mist enters control panels, causing faults
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Filtermist-how-it-worksAnatomy of a market leader:

  • Clip on Afterfilter for smoke and fine particle removal
  • Cleaned air exits through silencer
  • Foam pads assist the separation process
  • Oil mist impacts on vanes, forms into droplets and is returned to the machine
  • Three phase electric motor connects directly to inner drum to provide excellent reliability
  • Built in mounting points for quick and easy installation
  • Direct mounting or ducting from machine cabinet ensures oil aerosols are removed at source
  • Inner drum rotates to create suction – drawing contaminated air into the unit




after-fliterAfterfilters are an optional add-on and are designed for the removal of oil smoke and any residual fine mist particles below 0.5microns, which may not have been captured by the Filtermist system. Any application producing smoke or fine oil particles, should be fitted with an afterfilter.

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