Surface Grinding Machines

From small manual machines, right up to large scale, fully automatic CNC grinders with automated cycles, if you need to grind a flat surface, consult the specialists, Benson Machines.

Italy’s Delta range meets the simple surface grinding needs of a variety of industries, such as metallurgical sample preparation, punch tool re-sharpening and shim grinding.

As a result of extensive research for a suitable supplier of surface grinders, one of Taiwan’s most experienced producers, Seedtec met our stringent standards.

Seedtec APS618 is the result of 21st century collaboration:
One of England’s most popular machines radically improved and made affordable

Surface and profile grinding machines. Over 20,000 machines in use worldwide. Traverse widths 350-3000mm, longitudinal capacity to 600-10,000mm. Available with single and double column.

Rotary table machines are available to grind diameters from 400 – 1500mm. As with all Rosa Ermando’s, three levels of control can be fitted.

U-UXL Double column fixed rail surface grinder

Nissei has stood simultaneous double face grinding on it’s end. They are one of the pioneers of “Vertical” double disc grinding. Achievable accuracy is greatly improved.

If two faces need to be flat and parallel (and production volumes are high), Nissei is the way to do it.