Engine Reconditioning Machines

Start the conversation today; Benson Machines have a full range of machines to cover every aspect of this complex process.

AZ SpA from Italy is the recognised leader of Engine Reconditioning machines with a lineage that stretches back to 1953. More than 3,000 of its standard-setting Crankshaft Grinding Machines
have been delivered.

The range includes:
• Crankshaft Grinders
• Camshaft Grinders
• Measuring Machines
• Crankshaft Welders
• Balancing Machines
• Crack Testers
• Cylinder Block Machines
• Con-rod Machines
• Valve Machines

NC or CNC helps crankshafts weighing up to 20 tonnes and 14m long to be re-ground to micron accuracy.

Cylinders up to Ø500 can be re-bored on the VBX500 CNC. With automatic tool changing, repair operations become very efficient.

France’s Serdi are specialists for Valve Seat overhaul, with a complete range for machining and pressure testing – from manual machines for small workshops to fully automatic machines for high-production.

The STronik breaks new ground for fast, accurate Valve Seat machining