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Our depth of grinding experience is unmatched by any other supplier in Australasia. When you talk specialised grinding, we understand

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With a pedigree that reaches right back to the invention of modern honing, Ohio Tool Works produce a full range of Horizontal and Vertical Honing Machines with tooling and stones which also suit all major competitors. OTW have pioneered many improvements for machines, tooling and stones.
Machines with capacity over 1000mm diameter X 7000mm length easily store all the honing parameters in the CNC to turn this “Black art” into science.

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Shigiya’s product range includes, thread grinders, Masterless Cam Grinders, Crank-Pin and Crank journal Grinders, Non-round (polygon) and Eccentric grinders


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Tool and Cutter grinder complete with many standard accessories. A full range of special attachments is available.


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Toyo Advanced Technology is a “spin-off from Mazda Motor. Toyo’s wide range of Internal Grinding and Honing machines are the standard of Japanese general engineering and production in the automotive, bearing & aerospace industries.


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Nissin are masters of precision small bore production. Their automatic honing machines, can consistently maintain tolerances within 0.00025mm!


FH-25 Flexible cell-type modular honing machine shown is for mass production. Stations can be added as production volumes increase.

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