Specialised Grinding Machines

Do you have something different that requires precision grinding? Thread Grinding. Masterless Cam Grinding. Non-Round, or Polygon Grinding. Tool grinding and sharpening. If you need to grind it, we have the know-how and the answers.

Shigiya’s product range includes,
thread grinders, Masterless Cam
Grinders, Crank-Pin and Crank journal Grinders, Non-round (polygon) and Eccentric grinders.

This GPES-30B.25 is for polygon and eccentric grinding.

Toyo Advanced Technology is a “spin-off” from Mazda Motor. Toyo’s wide range of Internal Grinding and Honing machines are the standard of Japanese general engineering and production in the automotive, bearing & aerospace industries

Tool and Cutter grinder complete with many standard accessories. A full range of special attachments is available.