RapMan 3D Printer

When you talk rapid prototyping or 3D Printing, we understand

RapMan breaks through the 3D Printing barrier


Rapid Prototyping or 3D printing is now accessible for the mass-market with this surprisingly accurate, low-cost kit. Also available as a fully assembled professional model, with up to 3 printing heads.

More RapMan Info

Professional, Quality 3D Printing at Incredibly Low Pricing

• Quality printing of polymers

• Option of adding a second print head to the RapMan 3.1

• Two colour printing or support material for the dual head RapMan

• Based on the RapMan, lowest cost RP system on the market

• Multiple materials, including bio – polymer

• Free firmware upgrades via USB cable

• OLED user-interface

• System is driven via SD card, no requirement for a PC

• No annual maintenance contract