3D Printer – Ultimaker Original+ DIY Kit

The Ultimaker Original+ is the new and improved version of the already impressive Ultimaker Original! This classic favourite comes as a refined DIY kit which offers excellent features that can rival any desktop 3D printers on the market right now.

The Ultimaker Original was rated as the most accurate and fastest 3D printer by Make Magazine. This upgraded version is built on the existing platform with the added advantages of:

  • – Heated glass print bed – better: adhesion, part removal, and smooth bottom surface!
  • – Improved Z-stage – stable print bed construction for improved accuracy
  • – New and improved electronics for reliable temperature control
  • – New fan duct design
  • – UltiController included – easily control and monitor your printer

Over the years, this printer design has been tried and tested by many makers and 3D printing enthusiasts around the world, creating wonderful projects that showcase its amazing capability. The open design enables you to modify and customise your printer easily with the source files available for download from YouMagine.

It is capable of producing very fine layer resolution (up to 20 microns) and uses open filament system which allows you to experiment with many new and innovative filaments available on the market.

Ultimaker’s large international user community is always ready to share their ideas and knowledge, you can get useful resources and support from the community 24/7 and gain the best out of your Ultimaker Original+ 3D printer.

Whether you need a 3D printer for your workshop, home, or office, the Ultimaker Original+ DIY kit is right for you!

Download the Ultimaker Original + Assembly Instructions


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  • Layer resolution: up to 20 micron
  • Build volume: 21 x 21 x 20.5 cm
  • Position precision : X 12.5 / Y 12.5 / Z 5 micron
  • Print head travel speed: 30 – 300 mm/s
  • Recommended filament diameter: 2.85 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm
  • Stand-alone SD-card printing
  • Print technology: Fused filament fabrication (FFF)
  • Nozzle operating temperature: 180° – 260°C
  • Heated bed operating temperature: 50° – 100°C


  • Open-Source – Cura


  • Desktop space: W 35.7 / L 34.2 / H 38.8 cm


  • Recommended materials: PLA and ABS
  • Recommended diameter: 2.85 mm


  • Ambient operating temperature: 15° – 32°C
  • Storage temperature: 0° – 32°C


  • AC input: 100 – 240 V / 4 AMPS / 50 – 60 HZ
  • Power requirements: 24 V DC @ 9.2 AMPS, 221 watt max.



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