3D Printer – Dremel 3D45

Bring the power of advanced FDM 3D printing to your desktop with the new Dremel 3D45 featuring quick and easy set-up for the experimental & experienced.

Allow your students to be at the forefront of technological advance to benefit their future careers. Reduce product development cycles with rapid prototyping and on-demand experimentation where precision, repetition and reliability are required.

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Stay connected with your 3D print job

With the integrated camera and cloud printing software functions, users have the ability of monitoring and controlling their 3D printing project. The 3D45 comes with cloud printing management software Polar3D included, allowing users to prepare, print, and monitor the printer online. To allow users to move quickly and easily from design to the printed 3D object, the DigiLab 3D45 offers the new “Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer” software for convenient and intuitive preparation of the print file.

Better quality 3D printing results

The combination of improved attributes provides even better 3D printing results with the same ease of use. The innovative extruder now allows a print resolution of 50 microns. Together with the added filtration system, the enclosed 3D45 prints its layers whilst remaining protected from all dust. All that while the temperature is consistently kept at an optimal level and prevents the printed object from warping thanks to the heated bed and improved cooling system. Avoiding failure prints is also easy with the 3D45’s smart sensor technology, allowing effortless, accurate calibrations and easy set-up.

Enhance the possibilities of 3D printing

Simplicity and accessibility are central to the design of the printer, with intuitive instructions and real-time analysis on the touch screen display. The new heated plate does not need adhesive tape since it is made of tempered glass, ensuring a better result every time. The Dremel 3D45 can tackle advanced filament types like nylon, PETG, PLA, and Eco-ABS at higher temperatures. With a heated bed that allows advanced types of filament the 3D45 is specifically designed for use in higher education and experienced high school classrooms to visualise and create complex projects.

Advanced features for experimental users

The 3D45 provides the flexibility and reliability needed to meet the demands of schools, higher education, makerspaces and industrial workplaces that benefit from advanced FDM 3D printing. It comes with an improved extruder that minimises distractions and downtime, having been designed to fit all Dremel filament materials without the need of changing any parts before operation. Changing from one material type to another is also done in no time thanks to the integrated RFID recognition technology which automatically adjusts the printer settings according to the filament type being used, eliminating the need to re-slice files for each type of filament. Whether your lab is developing prototypes for innovative biomedical devices or sculptural works of art, the 3D45 quickly produces accurate print models in a safe, easy to use package.


Dremel 3D45 Specs