Linear Technology

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SCHNEEBERGER® – Linear technology, profiled guideways and mineral casting
SCHNEEBERGER® is one of the leading names when it comes to groundbreaking innovations in the field of linear technology

Linear- and profiled guideways

The name SCHNEEBERGER is a synonym for modern linear technology all over the world. With our highly precise and reliable standard components we cover a wide range of linear and profile guidance applications.

SCHNEEBERGER Linear- and profiled guideways

Gear racks

Economic drive element, especially with long strokes of more than 2m.


Mineral casting

The right mineral casting for any application, whether as light as 80 grammes or as heavy as 30 tonnes.
Mineral casting delivers not only impressive technological, economic and environmental benefits but also cost savings of up to 30 percent compared with steel, grey cast iron or iron castings. Its outstanding vibration damping, chemical resistance and thermal properties impress not only users in the machine tool industry, but also in the medical devices sector, in the solar technology, electronics and packaging industries, as well is in many other branches of industry.

SCHNEEBERGER Mineral casting

Integrated digital and analog distance measuring system (with rollers or balls)

Digital and analog measuring systems enable precise linear motion and maintain the tightest tolerances.

SCHNEEBERGER Integrated digital and analog distance measuring system (with rollers or balls)

Slides and miniature tables

For decades these tables have been renowned for the highest degree of accuracy, reliability and the ultimate in operating characteristics. Preloaded anti-friction guideways make these tables absolutely play-free.

SCHNEEBERGER Slides and miniature tables